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Chesterfield Township Fire Department

Serving the Residents of Chesterfield Township, NJ since 1822

CTFD is actively looking for volunteers of all levels. In March 2019 we consolidated Fire District #1 and Fire District #2 into one district and most recently, one fire company. Currently, we are staffed with career firefighters Monday through Friday from 7 am-5 pm. In addition, there is one firefighter/driver from 5 pm-7 am Monday through Friday and around the clock on weekends which during these times the rest of the crew is made up of volunteer firefighters. However, our qualified volunteer firefighter numbers have been going down dramatically over the past 15 years even with our community doubling in size. We are looking for anyone that wants to volunteer! No experience is needed to apply and training is free. All that is required is a commitment to serve your neighbors in Chesterfield Township. If you have any questions 

please email: newmembers@crosswicksfire.org


To get started please fill out the application and send it back to


Email: newmembers@crosswicksfire.org

or mail back to

Chesterfield Township Fire Department
C/O Membership Coordinator
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