District Information

Welcome to Chesterfield Hamilton Fire District #1

Serving the Residents of Chesterfield Township, NJ since 1822


Chairman: Joe Dubell

Vice Chair: Chris Hoyer

Secretary: Ray Hlubik

Treasurer: Charlie Reuter

Commissioner: Dana Boyadjian

District Professional Appointments

Attorney: Parker McCay P.A.

Accountant: Accurate Accounting LLC Suzy Heller

Auditor: Holt McNally & Associates

Bank: Investors Bank

Insurance: Rue Insurance and JIF Program

Official Newspapers: Burlington County Times


Meeting Dates

All Monthly meetings will be held at the Chesterfield Township Fire Department building located 296 Bordentown Chesterfield Road, Chesterfield, NJ 08515

Meeting time for all meetings is 7:30 PM

April 13th 2021

May 11th 2021

June 8th 2021

July 13th 2021

August 10th 2021

September 14th 2021

October 12th 2021

November 9th 2021

December 14th 2021

January 11th 2022

February 8th 2022

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